Hi Everyone

My name is Maxine Von Pupperstein and I am a one year old Great Dane.  Don’t worry about the long name my owners only call me by my first name and some other weird ones now that I think of it.  I also go by the name Puppers which I can’t seem to shake even though I am not a little puppy anymore.  I like to think that I have a big life even though I live in a small town.  I live with my friend Cricket and a kitty named Calvin.

Sparky and Maxine

This in me when I first came home to live with my new family.  The other dog in the picture was my best friend Sparky.  Sparky taught me everything about how  to be a good dog.  Sparky was my hero and I am sorry to say that she has gone to doggie heaven.  This made me so sad because Sparky was everyones best friend and the alpha dog in our family.


This is my current partner in crime, Cricket.  My owners say that she is in retirement because she is almost thirteen but I think it is my job to keep her feeling young.  Sparky and Cricket were my owners two dogs for a very long time and they were best friends.  Now that Sparky is not around it’s up to me to cheer her up.  Oh yes, she is in a canoe in this photo and enjoying life I might add.  For some reason my owners kept on saying that hanging out on the river was fun.  I didn’t believe them until I went on a trip myself.  You get to run through the water, swim, and play on the sandy beaches all day.  The best part is that when you are tired my owners let you in their huge canoe.

Maxine and Apollo

2012 has been such a crazy year for us.  This was my buddy Apollo who was a rescue dog and my first Great Dane friend.  He came to live with us when his doggie parents were stationed overseas and couldn’t take him with them.  My owners kept on making a fuss over him and calling him handicapped.  I am not sure what that means but they told me he had a problem called “wobblers”.  He was only with us for a short time before he went to doggie heaven due to complications from wobblers.  I know about now its sounding depressing living in our house with all of our buddies going to doggie heaven so close together.  Don’t worry I promise there are many happy adventures ahead.

Maxine and Calvin

This is my kitty friend Calvin who thinks he lives here too.  My owners took him in after the neighbor left him when he moved away.  He was really shy at first and didn’t ever come in the house.  As you can see that all changed and I am not sure what I think about that.  He still spends lots of time outside but is learning how fun being an indoor cat can be.  He can usually be found snoozing on top of the crate where I sleep or on my owners bed.  We both like to snuggle up there and visit but we are always sent to the crate for the night.


Its always and adventure at our house.  Just the other day I overheard my owners talking about having to buy another HUGE dog crate.  I’m not sure what that means but I’ll keep my paws crossed for now 🙂 .


You can follow all the adventures by following my big dog blog.  Click on Current Adventures at the top of the page to see more.


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Maxine,

    THanks for following our blog!! We thought we come across to meet you 🙂

    You certainly are a beautiful girl and most definintely live in beautiful place!! Us and our human would love to spend most of the our time outdoors by lakes and rivers – running, swimming and playing. Addmittedly we have golden sandy beaches but that can be really busy in the summer and so dogs aren’t allowed on them! 😦

    Lots of slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

    • Woof Woof,

      We have actually been secretly following you for a while now so thanks for stopping by. I am soooooo glad to share my adventures with other Great Danes because we don’t know too many here in Idaho :(. I hope that one day I can have another Great Dane friend to live with because two Danes are much more fun than just one.



  2. Hi Maxine – just wanted to pop over to say hello & leave some slobbers! 😉 Thanks for visiting my blog and for all your nice comments recently! So nice to meet you! It was lovely reading about you & your family – such lovely pictures!

    OK – am off now to check out your blog! 😛

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Hi Maxine – I just left a comment but it disappeared! I think it might have gone into your Spam folder – can you check please? 😛

    Honey the Great Dane

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